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What are EIPs on Ethereum?

May 14, 2020

EIP-606: Hard Fork Meta: Homestead

The EIP-606 is a meta-type EIP that Describes all of the items required to complete the Ethereum homestead update. As a meta-type EIP, this makes rReference to other EIPs that explain all changes made. In this case, EIP-606 calls the following EIPs:

EIP-2: Homestead hard fork changes


What are EIPs on Ethereum?What are EIPs on Ethereum?

EIP-8: Forward compatibility requirements of devp2p for Homestead

Each of these EIPs individually explains the changes that are made and together they lead to the homestead update.

EIP-20: ERC-20 token standard

The EIP-20 is perhaps one of the best known EIPs in the world of Ethereum since its inception Implement the well-known standard ERC-20 token. This development was shaped; the launch for Ethereum to á A standard tool for providing tokens in your blockchain. As a result, Ethereum has become the blockchain with the most tokens available today.

EIP-137: Ethereum Domain Name Service – Specification

EIP-137 produced the system specification for the Ethereum domain name. From here The entire necessary infrastructure is created so that Ethereum can become a completely decentralized and data protection-oriented gigantic Domain Name Service (DNS). But not only that, that too This option allows you to assign a readable address to a cryptographic address in order to receive and send cryptocurrencies. This work led to the ENS.

EIP-609: Hard Fork Meta: Byzantium

The EIP-609 is a meta type EIP. It describes all EIP that are required to activate the Byzantium hard fork.

EIP-649: Delay bomb delay in Metropolis and block reward reduction

This EIP-649 applies the first delay to the difficulty pump to avoid the ice age of the EthereumA point where it would be impossible for Ethereum miners to continue mining the blocks in a timely manner and with reasonable profits. This EIP has been hotly debated, but its implementation was necessary to prevent the Ethereum network from breaking.

EIP-721: ERC-721 standard for non-fungible tokens

The EIP-721 is another well-known EIP that he developed himself, the standard for non-fungible Ethereum tokens, the ERC-721. Projects like CryptoKitties were born from this token.

EIP-779: Hard Fork Target: DAO Fork

This is perhaps Ethereum’s most controversial EIP. EIP-779 was responsible for “solving” the problem of the DAO billionaire hack. To do this, EIP rewrote the entire history of the Ethereum blockchain just before The DAO was hacked.

This is to return the stolen funds to their owners. Nbsp; As a result of using this hard fork, Ethereum was split; in two communities, each with its own blockchain. The one who applied the patch (Ethereum) and the one that I don’t apply (Ethereum Classic).

A full list of all EIPs can be found on this website.

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