“We’re the new popular startup,” said Bitcoin Cash Node

Since the Bitcoin Cash community is divided again, Proponents of the alternative implementation of “Bitcoin Cash Node” now believe they have the majority of the miners behind them.

Bitcoin Cash Node or BCHN supporters have rejected the latest Bitcoin ABC update, which would require miners to donate 8% of all newly minted coins to a development fund. From November on. A Redditor accused the leading developer of Bitcoin ABC, Amaury Sechet, of “creating his own (forked) coin that pays 8% of the money minted to an address”.

However, Sechet told Cointelegraph that he believes the BCHN lacks the resources to maintain its own independent Bitcoin ABC chain. predicts the BCHN is in danger of being eliminated quickly when they try a fork in November.

“We’re the new popular startup,” said Bitcoin Cash Node
“We’re the new popular startup,” said Bitcoin Cash Node

Cointelegraph spoke to NilacTheGrim, a BCHN backer who has called for Sechet to step down, to learn more about BCHN’s vision for Bitcoin Cash.

Nilac told Cointelegraph that The ideal outcome of the BCH dispute would be that “the entire ecosystem flatly rejects this change in the coin base reward and Bitcoin ABC loses its relevance in the marketplace for trying to do what it did”.

Nilac states that The BCHN is supported by large Chinese mining consortia. expressed doubts that BCH will fork in November:

“Our code is faster. We have a much faster mining API. Miners installed our software before this last round of controversy. They like our node because it has less latency for mining calls, which reduces the risk of.” Orphan blocks in mining. “

On the subject of developer financing, Nilac said the BCHN “is already well financed”. Added:

“The ecosystem funded us with more than USD 700,000, and it took 6 months to do so. Some of our contributors are also funded individually. We have sufficient funds.”

On Reddit, Supporters claim that up to 60% of miners are behind them.

Amaury Sechet: BCHN is doomed to fail

Talk to Cointelegraph Sechet from Bitcoin ABC rejected BCHN’s chances of survival.

“Getting something out of nowhere is a very difficult task”, Said Sechet.

“Calvin Ayre has spent many millions on BSV and despite all his problems can hardly keep up with Bitcoin Cash. The BCHN will be in a similar position, but without the resources that Calvin Ayre has. This is going to be a very difficult place. “

Sechet assumes that the BCHN will encounter “maintenance problems” due to a lack of funds“Right now they only rely on our equipment for most of the maintenance, but that ability will decrease as they go their own way.”

Sechet also predicts that the “constant struggle that has weighed on Bitcoin Cash since its inception” will also “plague” BCHN. It states that the project has no roadmap and therefore no clear vision for the future.

Despite the challenges ahead, Nilac claims that BCHN attracted “the brightest minds in developing Bitcoin Cash”.

“”We’re the new popular startup that everyone wants to work for“, he concluded.

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