We’re already warmed up! How you can use the next 12 months of 2021

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We are days before the end of the year, after the overheating, gifts and dizziness of posadas and year-end dinners, it’s time to put everything in order. If you want to change your mindset and have a spirit of abundance to enjoy the next 12 months to the full, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Make your numbers

We’re already warmed up! How you can use the next 12 months of 2021
We’re already warmed up! How you can use the next 12 months of 2021

It is important that you know your situation. If all of a sudden you had enough money to enjoy the rest of your life, would you continue to work as you do now? Would you devote yourself to the same?

I’m sure not, at least not like now. If you are very sure to keep this job it is the reason you must have an income. Don’t you care about how to organize the money it takes time and sweat to get it?

It is important to have a budget and to know what loans you have, how much you have left to pay, what installments and receipts you have planned, what amounts and payment details you have.

Of course, if you have savings or real estate it is important to know what value they have, whether they are invested or not, how much interest they are giving you, what risk they are, what availability you might have, etc.

You need to break down your accounts to know your personal financial situation. Do this awareness exercise to establish a starting point.

2. Create a management system

Not everyone is organized in the same way, we don’t even manage our money the same way. The practical thing is that while a company is making plans of action for a year, you are preparing them for your own money.

Establish some behavioral guidelines for yourself and create a work system that is as automated as possible.

Schedule the transfers that you need to make the day after you collect (especially the savings). If you’re not very into banking, use envelopes, piggy banks, various wallets, or whatever is easier on you.

Define how you make purchases, when to use cards, and when to buy cash, and keep your buying decisions as narrow as possible. Don’t buy impulsively. It is important that the system is yours and not created by someone else so that you can make a commitment.

3. Define goals

They say that nobody wants to fail, but that people fail because they don’t plan.

Surely it has happened to you that you want the time to do a lot of things and when suddenly you have a little to spare, you either don’t remember what you wanted or you don’t feel like doing it.

Without planning there is no success, so it is important to set control limits.

Look for small financial challenges that will make you grow and improve. They can be savings, they can be debt, they can be income, they can be satisfaction from consumption, or some combination of these and others you can think of.

In either case, it is very difficult to live a full life if you do not know what you are trying to achieve.

4. Know yourself

Think about who you are, what you enjoy doing, how you enjoy life to the fullest.

Think about what you liked as a child, what moments of your youth come to mind when you think of the greatest illusion and satisfaction. And if you find it very difficult, when you have just a few days left to live, think about what to do today. These types of exercises are difficult to do, but on many occasions they help us find that answer.

5. Look for exercise

We cannot be born when we know everything. Rather, as babies we only know how to recognize our basic needs: sleep, hunger and affection. And since we cannot take care of them, we cry, scream or sing so that they take care of us.

Welcome to the adult world, you can keep crying and screaming to get what you want, but if you don’t know something, it might be better to learn.

Think about training: learn about investing, find new ways to generate income, and appreciate other management systems. Discuss it with your close people.

With new technologies around us, there is endless free information available.

6. Create your growth circle

People need to be inspired to achieve what we want. Research the history of entrepreneurs, how they started, and find common ground with these people. Do not look for what justifies you not getting it, but look for what will help you achieve it.

Remember that every path to success is paved. Everyone who achieved what you are looking for went through a lot of effort and sacrifice, but in the end they achieved what they wanted. You can take inspiration, self-motivation from them for example.

Finally, I would like to share a sentence with you that I read once: There are no extraordinary people, but people who do extraordinary things.

In this other post I explain how to use a crisis to get rich.

When you are sure that you are growing, moving forward with enthusiasm for life, and wanting to enjoy a full year of abundance, take some time to develop these points and keep them very present for this new year.

If any of the sections are difficult for you, don’t hesitate to contact me and we can work it out together.

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