We take a closer look at some of the advanced security features of ZERO wallets

From its first announcement in April to the $ 430,000 raised by the recent massive sale, NGRAVE ZERO has caused a stir in the cryptocurrency community. The ZERO is considered the safest hardware wallet on the market with a permanent air gap and is the first company to receive a superior security rating from EAL7.

But the devil is in their details, as they say. While we’re waiting for the first units of the device to ship, Cointelegraph asked Ruben Merre, CEO of NGRAVE, to explain how to make it the “safest hardware wallet in the world”.

Necessity is the mother of the invention

ZERO was created after the bad experiences of NGRAVE founders with cryptocurrency security. When they couldn’t find an existing solution that they could fully trust with their cryptocurrencies, they set about building their own.

We take a closer look at some of the advanced security features of ZERO wallets
We take a closer look at some of the advanced security features of ZERO wallets

In April 2018, the team started developing a functional prototype using a Raspberry Pi. It was the beginning of a journey on which they would work with many world-class teams and individuals. including the recent acquisition of Jean-Jacques Quisquater as a consultant.

Quisquater is considered the father of a knowledge-free crypto and is cited in the Bitcoin white paper. What Does Developing a Secure Hardware Wallet Bring?

“Jean-Jacques is heavily involved in uncovering and solving potential security threats, even those that are barely on someone else’s radar. Since he has been involved in the development of many security projects, including those of secret government agencies, he knows the back doors like no other. She is also one of the heads of our team, which helps us to think future-proof. “

No man is an island … but the NGRAVE ZERO does

Much has been said that the ZERO remains completely in the air, Avoid USB and Bluetooth connections to only communicate using QR codes that do not contain any data on users’ private keys.

Also, Private keys generated by the wallet’s Perfect Key system are not derived solely from a “master seed” that comes with the device. For more security, they contain biometric data elements such as fingerprints and the introduction of randomness in the environment based on factors such as lighting conditions.

That might make you wonder ¿How can you import your existing private cryptocurrency keys on the device and whether they’re as secure as the newly generated ones?

“We support all forms of the ‘status quo’ available to generate seeds so that regardless of length, both can import a mnemonic phrase created with a different hardware wallet or simply create a new one in ZERO, but we recommend that Using Perfect NGRAVE Key Because of its advanced security features, users can basically choose what they feel most comfortable with. “

You can’t touch it

In the event that someone gets their dirty little hands over your physical device, ZERO has four different cumulative tamper protection levels.

The first is resistance to tampering, including shielding against radio frequencies, and the physical difficulty in gaining access to the bowels of the device.

Then there is evidence of manipulation. When someone can open the device, the screen pauses and is visible to the user. It also includes cryptographic certification that NGRAVE uses to validate a device the first time it is used.

“The third level is called” Responsiveness to manipulation “. This means that mechanisms are present in the device that determine that it is being attacked. And ZERO automatically deletes the keys. This goes as deep as at the level of individual components that have their own Tamper protection mechanisms. “

Finally, there is a manipulation resolution, This occurs when the user manipulates the private key in the generation process mentioned above. This leads to the resolution of possible manipulations or predefined buttons on the device.

Cointelegraph approves the device as soon as shipping begins to give you a full review.

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