We are reaching a critical point. What can save us from a new breakdown?

All points are critical during this crisis. The years after the great recession in 2008 were an enormous economic upswing. But everything has an end. Nothing is forever. It was beautiful as long as it took, and in fact it took longer than expected. Much has been said about the impending arrival of a crisis, but for a mysterious reason the crisis never came. However, this so-called demon virus came over night to lay the big cake. The storm is perfect because the corona virus could not have come at a worse time. While everyone was waiting for a needle to explore the bladder, a high-caliber bullet arrived. BAM.

Now we know that we are in a crisis. This is not new but Why should July be a critical month? Well, because we have reached a crossroads. L.The decisions made in July will affect the rest of the year. Throughout this great core, three complex circumstances have come together that have come together to involve life. On the one hand, there is the pandemic, which is a public health issue. Contagions, deaths, special measures and the hospital system. Then we have the economic crisis caused by the limitation measures. Restriction, yes. However, a restriction was decided at a very delicate moment as the markets were overvalued, the economy slowed and the stimulus did not work as before.

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