“We are at war” with cryptocurrencies, says Turkish President ErdoÄ ??

Turkey is striving to become oneBlockchain center a country that lies in Europe and Asia. Nevertheless, the same passion does not apply to cryptocurrencies, as recently confirmed by Turkish President Recep Tayyib ErdoÄ.

Erdogan organized a question and answer event in Mersin, Turkey with young people from all over the country. A participant referred to the Turkish collaboration platform for digital lira announced last week and asked if the central bank would accept cryptocurrencies. He also asked Erdogan for his opinion on cryptocurrencies.

“We have absolutely no intention of accepting cryptocurrencies,” replied the President, adding:

On the contrary, we have our own war, our own fight against cryptocurrencies. We would never give him our support. Because we will move forward with our own currency, which has its own identity.

“We are at war” with cryptocurrencies, says Turkish President ErdoÄ ??
“We are at war” with cryptocurrencies, says Turkish President ErdoÄ ??

Former Prime Minister of Turkey and Deputy Chairman of the Ak Party, Binali YÄ ± ldÄ ± rÄ ± m, he further explained that cryptocurrencies require strict supervision due to possible risks. He said, “It’s like selling a fictional future.”

Turkey first announced its plans for a national blockchain infrastructure in 2019. Since then, the government and local authorities have spoken out in favor of blockchain. The government announced its plans for a central bank digital currency (CBDC), which is slated for testing in late 2021.

The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey has come a big step closer to its CBDC goals by establishing the Turkish Lira Digital Collaboration Platform with three local technology companies.

Nevertheless, The latest comments from President ErdoÄ?

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