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Ways to deal with sexual harassment in your business

February 20, 2020

Every entrepreneur should train their managers on how to deal with sexual harassment, as well as any other type of harassment.

The opinions expressed by employees are personal.

If you live in this world, you have probably heard of Mad Men, a television series focused on the business of advertising agencies in the 1950s. Beyond entertaining us, this series has much to teach us about the business environment and work culture.

Ways to deal with sexual harassment in your businessWays to deal with sexual harassment in your business

In one of the episodes of the series, Joan and Peggy talk to three men who work for the parent company, McCann Erickson, about a campaign that they must devise for their client, Topaz Pantyhose.

Joan and Peggy seek to contribute ideas, but instead of being taken seriously, they are sexually reified by McCann's men. They make open overtones to Joan's panties and bras, thus incurring harassment that is anything but subtle. After the conversation, Peggy blames Joan for the harassment she was subjected to, telling her that she shouldn't dress or behave so provocatively.

The scene itself is uncomfortable, but perhaps it is even more annoying to know that this is not a vestige of the sixties; Unfortunately, harassment still happens today … and much more than what we would like to believe.

In Mexico there is a difference between harassment and harassment. Sexual harassment is a form of verbal or physical violence , but it does not necessarily imply a relationship of subordination. On the other hand, harassment does imply a power relationship, for example, between a boss and his subordinate.

It is important that every entrepreneur trains his managers on how to deal with sexual harassment or harassment, as well as any other type of inappropriate behavior. These are six points that you must take into account when forming your company:

1. Develop a communication strategy that reports what is sexual harassment and motivates employees to report. Also, create a complaint collection center that is confidential.

2. Reject harassment and other unacceptable behavior at all costs , even if they do not reach the legal level of harassment. A conduct should not be considered illegal to be intolerable.

3. Report all complaints of inappropriate behavior to the Human Resources department or the designated person.

4. Respond proactively and promptly to harassment. Seeing and ignoring is equivalent to condoning.

5. Have an action plan established in case a complaint or complaint of harassment is filed . Also, have a trusted lawyer in case you need to take the action to the legal level.

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