Was Tim Draper’s support for BCH the result of a hack?

Tim Draper, a famous American venture capitalist and serial cryptocurrency investor, may not have promoted Bitcoin Cash after all.

A hacker appears to be responsible for a September 4th tweet from Draper saying that he recently bought Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and personally thanked Roger Ver. Although the account that “Draper” used to tag the founder of was a scam profile, the BCH advocate was still thanked by impulse on the same day.

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Was Tim Draper’s support for BCH the result of a hack?
Was Tim Draper’s support for BCH the result of a hack?

After the tweet was deleted, OpenNode co-founder João Almeida, Approved on September 6th, Draper’s account had been compromised. Draper invested in the first OpenNode investment round in 2018.

“I was in contact with your team. He deleted the tweet as soon as he noticed. “

Draper’s alleged endorsement of BCH has been met with skepticism by many on crypto twitter as it is known as one of the biggest bulls on Bitcoin (BTC). The billionaire investor has stated that he has “a large part” of his portfolio in BTC after abandoning public measures in favor of the crypto space in 2019.and he’s confident that the coin will top $ 250,000 in early 2023.

The real Draper has not posted any posts on his account to make statements since the incident, which sparked speculation about the BCH message.

“Maybe it was a hack after all?” said Twitter user Whale Panda. “Probably just an unsuspecting or paid tweet that backfired.”

Draper has supported a number of companies that have not always been well received by many in the crypto community.. In June, Telegram scammers snatched $ 40,000 from users attempting to buy the DEX Initial Offer (IDO) from Draper’s Defi Money Market lending platform.

“He has been hired many times in the past as a ‘consultant’ on many fraudulent projects.”, said Twitter user Crypto Whale, who also speculated that BCH’s tweet was a paid fake ad.

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