Walmart is fighting with Kanye West for this logo

Walmart is grappling with the latest Kanye West Yeezy logo. The retail giant filed an appeal with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on April 21, finding that the potential new logo for its apparel brand, referred to as “Sunbeams” in the January 2020 brand papers submitted by Yeezy, looks like this the 13 year old logo of the supermarket chain.

Walmart turned down Yeezy’s trademark registration, saying the logo it submitted could create “confusion” and “false suggestion of a link” between the two brands (Yeezy currently has a footwear and apparel partnership with Adidas and recently signed a 10- One year contract to produce one line of products for The Gap).

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Walmart is fighting with Kanye West for this logo
Walmart is fighting with Kanye West for this logo

Walmart also argued that Yeezy could create confusion by using the design for entertainment, as Walmart already “sold products and ran marketing campaigns in collaboration with Jennifer Garner, the cast of Queer Eye, Drew Barrymore, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Ellen. DeGeneres “. and Sofía Vergara, to name a few, “He goes on to note that Yeezy” is linked to Mr. Kanye West, a recording artist, record producer, fashion designer and former candidate for the United States Presidency. “

Image: Walmart / Yeezy

The New York Post attempted to ask Camp West for comment even though they haven’t received a response yet. Walmart, meanwhile, referred the Post to an April 19 letter it wrote to West’s lawyers as evidence that the artist had not cooperated.

“As we mentioned in our correspondence in July and August 2020, January and February 2021, and our March 2021 conference call, Walmart has repeatedly tried to understand its intended use of the Yeezy app to find ways in which the Walmart works Spark design and the Yeezy app can coexist, “the letter said. “So far, however, we have not received any conclusive information from Yeezy about the planned use or cooperation of Yeezy to find common ground.”

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