Walmart checks a man and a woman for the design of their mouth masks

The unidentified couple was videotaped by a shop customer responsible for viralizing the case on social networks.

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Walmart checks a man and a woman for the design of their mouth masks
Walmart checks a man and a woman for the design of their mouth masks

WalmartThe American supermarket chain has decided to exclude and veto a couple who wore flags with the Nazi symbol or swastika as a face mask. The incident occurred last Saturday, July 25, and the participants were videotaped.

The 64-year-old woman and 59-year-old man visited the shop wearing Nazi masks and made defiant gestures to anyone who looked at them disapprovingly Minnesota reformer. With this in mind, Raphaela Mueller, a shop customer, stopped to record the moment of confrontation and then uploaded him to Facebook, where he quickly went viral.

Apparently this couple wore the masks as a symbol of political protest against it Joe Bidenpossible candidate for the presidency of the United States Democratic Party.

“We live in a socialist state,” added the man who accompanied her simply.

“I’m not a Nazi. I’m trying to show them what’s going to happen in America,” says the woman, who has not yet been identified. “If you vote for Biden, you will live in Nazi Germany.”

Along with the video, Müller said he was born and raised in Germany and listened to the stories of his great-grandmother, who was committed to the secret struggle against the Nazi regime. He also pointed out that the Nazi swastika is a symbol of hatred and should under no circumstances be used.

On the other hand, Delia García, an official Walmart spokeswoman, confirmed to CNN that the couple will remain banned from business for at least a year due to the dispute.

“What happened in our Marshall, Minnesota store is unacceptable. We ask everyone who enters our store to wear face masks for their safety and the safety of everyone else, and it is uncomfortable for some people to take advantage of the pandemic to create a stressful situation for customers and employees in our business, ”Garcia said a statement.

Likewise, no indictment was brought against the couple. However, the police warned both that if they returned to a Walmart store, they would be arrested under a search warrant Grandstand.

“It was shown that the trauma is transmitted in the DNA, so I know what my great-grandmother happened to endure. I haven’t lost anyone in the Holocaust, but I know that many other people do. Just thinking that you have to see this is heartbreaking, ”said Raphaela Mueller of CNN.

The turmoil occurred at a time when racist and xenophobic statements are not tolerated. Despite the fact that the couple was able to complete their purchases, the multinational store had to act decisively and make a decision as a symbol of support for all people who were offended and affected by this behavior.

The incident also brought to light a new problem that the institutions have to deal with: What type of masks are allowed so as not to change the social order?

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