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Virtual business meeting? You should try this pajama

May 15, 2020

This outfit is perfect for those who want to feel good all day and want to attend work meetings.

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Virtual business meeting? You should try this pajama
Virtual business meeting? You should try this pajama

This story originally appeared on nuptials

The social distancing from the Covid-19 forced us to change many of our habits. Presentation for a virtual business meeting can be optional as long as you don’t use the camera all the time. For this reason, this pajama is the perfect outfit for those who want to make themselves comfortable all day long and need to attend work meetings.

There are “accidents” that, although they make us laugh, cannot imagine the shame they cause to those who suffer them. The cell phone falls and you’re in shorts. Your partner looks up in smaller towels. The microphone is not closed and you make an unfortunate comment. The phone rings and you go with your bedding. Do you seem familiar?

Photo: via Nupcias Magazine

It turns out that a Japanese company (it had to be) hit the nail on the head and created this perfect pajama for virtual business meetings. The upper part is a shirt, but happiness starts from the chest down: a comfortable cotton fabric that doesn’t pinch, sting or bother.

These comfortable pajamas are called Work from home Jammies and its creators work for Whatever Inc.. You already have several models of colors and prints for men and women. We suspect that these dual-look pieces will become a staple from now on.

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