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Violence returns to Hong Kong with clashes between police and protesters in Kowloon

August 24, 2019


Riot police and protesters in Hong Kong have met again this Saturday after the peaceful demonstrations last week against the Government of the territory, with a series of skirmishes in the Kowloon neighborhood, where groups of rioters have launched Molotov cocktails against the security forces, which have responded in turn with tear gas.

More than 1,000 people also made an appearance in the industrial district of Kwun Tong to once again request the total withdrawal of the paralyzed extradition bill to China and the withdrawal of the so-called “smart street lamps” capable of identifying passers-by and that , according to critics, they are an invasion of privacy, reports the 'South China Morning Post'.

On the other hand, the Hong Kong airport, as well as the roads and trains that reach it, have returned to normal operation this Saturday despite the protest called “stress test” that was intended to interrupt the transport that goes to the airfield during the weekend.

The train stations that arrive at the airport, as well as the roads leading to it, were largely cleared, with a slight police presence along some of the access routes.

However, the city's rail operator has had to close four stations before a protest planned for this Saturday began.

As for the subway stations, one of its lines has been closed, where a protest will be held in Kwun Tong, on the Kowloon Peninsula.

Previously, authorities had issued a court order to prevent demonstrations at the airport, which has been forced to close for much of last week after protesters congregated in the main terminal for several days causing the cancellation of hundreds of flights due to clashes between protesters and the police.

The city's train operator, MTR Corporation, said in an official statement that it had been granted a court order to prevent protesters from interrupting train services. The operator has also warned that if “fighting, vandalism or other acts of violence” occur, the railway services at the affected stations could stop immediately.