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Why does vintage clothing triumph all over the world?

February 25, 2019

Vintage and second-hand clothing is revolutionizing the fashion market. After the reign of the big lowcost companies, the buyers are starting to look more for the originality of their garment, changing certain pieces created in chain for something unique, that nobody else is going to wear and that has a history. Vintage clothing online stores are the new boom on the net.

The first thing to buy old clothes, is to differentiate between second hand, retro and vintage. Vintage clothing doesn’t have to be used; it may be new but it must belong to several decades ago (clothes from when your mother was young fall into this category), while second-hand clothes do. The retro, on the other hand, is newly manufactured but inspired by another era.

Why does vintage clothing triumph all over the world?
Why does vintage clothing triumph all over the world?

Here are some more facts to keep in mind:

Why does vintage clothing triumph all over the world?
Why does vintage clothing triumph all over the world?

Formerly the clothes had a much higher quality than now. Garments were usually made to measure and at the request of the consumer, with durable materials, because they sought quality, that this garment would last in the wardrobe for decades. And in fact, it has been achieved. Nowadays it is almost impossible to acquire a durable garment, a mistake considering that fashion is cyclical and surely in a few years the same trend will return. Look at the bell-bottoms and the jacket suits, surely many of you had thrown them away years ago.

The exclusivity of the garment. Vintage clothing was not usually made in a chain, but was custom-made by a seamstress, so there were very few pieces of a single model.

Aesthetics and history. The retro air, the feeling that behind that dress there is a story behind it, that the necklace of the 1930s has lived more love adventures than you could ever imagine… the taste for unique pieces with historical value comes into play.

In the big cities there are plenty of second-hand and vintage stores, as well as markets where you can buy not only clothes, but all kinds of objects such as turntables, lamps, books and antique toys. One of the European cities with more vintage culture is London. Neighborhoods like Soho, Covent Garden or Candem Town populate the city with small vintage shops where you can rummage for hours until you find a hidden treasure. Also the markets like Bricklane or Portobello have an infinity of unique pieces. Other cities such as Berlin, Amsterdam, Madrid or Dublin offer many possibilities when buying this type of clothing.

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