VIDEO: You enliven Cantinflas with artificial intelligence

Original note published in Cine Premiere

By Brenda Medel

VIDEO: You enliven Cantinflas with artificial intelligence
VIDEO: You enliven Cantinflas with artificial intelligence

Soriana, the Mexican supermarket chain, launched their new campaign with the title “Soriana, the one of all Mexicans”. However, this campaign has violated convention as it brings back one of the most important characters of the Golden Age of national cinema: Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”. Now go to the supermarket commercial at the top of this note!

By a statement, the Soriana company recognized this work as an achievement in its business strategy, since it was the first time the famous technology was used in our country deep fake to “revive” such an important character in Mexican pop culture as “Cantinflas”. This makes the actor and comedian the first Mexican to be reproduced using this technique.

PICTURED: Soriana via Cine Premiere

“Quiubo chatos? Do you know that that always made me proud? To be Mexican,” the comedian recites in front of the camera, accompanied by a reddish background. The theme of the commercial is simple: “Cantinflas” seems to highlight some of the elements and cultural values ​​of Mexican families that, regardless of occupation, occupation, gender, or age, reinforce the importance of being part of a large family.

“When we see the big ‘Cantinflas’ on the screens again, we return as Mexicans to the dozen of characters who made Mario Moreno famous, where the pride of being Mexican is reflected in all of his films Thanks to technology, we can today feel again that ‘Cantinflas’ and Soriana are authentically Mexican in all their expressions. It is also a pride to be one of the first to use this technique in Mexico, as thanks to this type of technology we can feel Cantinflas entering our homes, making Mexican pride more present, ”the organization said in the statement .

What is technology deep fake?

In very simple terms: deep fakes They use a form of artificial intelligence called deep learning to create images of fake events or situations. That is, replacing one person’s resemblance to another with video or a digital medium using unsupervised algorithms called RGAs and combining them with existing videos or images. This makes it easy to bring people, celebrities or fictional characters together in audiovisual material that they have never participated in (above).

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