Victoria’s Secret launches a new line of mouthpieces to save sales

The lingerie brand joins the mask trend in the middle of the year to avoid its losses due to the corona virus.

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Victoria’s Secret launches a new line of mouthpieces to save sales
Victoria’s Secret launches a new line of mouthpieces to save sales

Today, the Mouth covering They are a prime necessity so that we can gradually resume the new normality that is imposed worldwide.

It is therefore not surprising that brands are joining the trend of selling this product to protect themselves from the crisis, especially given the strong impact of the retail sector.

On this occasion the brand El Secreto de Victoria has started the trend and has released its own line of Face masksin the hope that their customers will find them the best option in such a high-priced market.

Covers are available for 213 Mexican pesos, regardless of the model of your choice. The fabric is light and 100% breathable, non-surgical and with adjustable straps on the face. It also has wires around the nose for a more precise fit.

With these features, they adapt to the warnings, recommendations and needs of the authorities in order to avoid C infectionsOVID-19.

Although contingency has affected all companies, the brand has had some financial problems for several years. However, the last blow was the pandemic as the company announced the closure of 250 physical stores in the United States and Canada in mid-May due to damage sustained during detention.

Image: Victoria’s Secret

According to the portal Merca 2.0The brand’s financial report shows that it generated $ 1,650 million in sales, but also had its third consecutive quarterly loss and fourth consecutive sales decline, this time down 37 percent.

A short time later, Victoria ‘s Secret announced that it was promising to exit the Hong Kong market.

Other brands that followed the same path of diversifying their business and expanded to hygiene masks were Adidas and Under Armor, whose products have been a success and sold out shortly after they were announced.

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