Victoria147 and Facebook work together to digitize women entrepreneurs

This alliance will improve digital strategies for business women in Mexico and reach Latin American countries like Argentina and Colombia for the first time.

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Victoria147 and Facebook work together to digitize women entrepreneurs
Victoria147 and Facebook work together to digitize women entrepreneurs

Facing a challenging environment where corporate presence is critical in the virtual world, Victoria147 and Facebook partner for the third time in a row to boost economic growth and facilitate the introduction of women entrepreneurs in Victoria Mexico, Argentina and Colombiafor digital transformation.

By promoting gender equality and promoting small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, synergies facilitate access to simple and friendly tools. In addition, the strategies for entrepreneurship are to be strengthened through digital workshops and mentoring sessions with experts from the social network and through the Victoria online academy147.

Ana Victoria García, founder of Victoria147 / Photo: Courtesy of Victoria147

It should be noted that Facebook plans to take part in the next digital events of the Women’s Business Academy, called Break and VictoriaFest, which are scheduled for August and October, respectively.

“The main goal of Allianz is to strategically train more women in the business field. Because of our advance into Latin America, we want to increase the companies concerned from 1,900 to 2,650 by 2020 compared to the previous year, ”says Ursula Quijano, director of strategy and impact at Victoria147.

Through this collaboration, Victoria147 and Facebook reaffirm their commitment to inspire future generations of women to fully integrate with business as their company grows.

Victoria147 is the first business academy for women in Mexico. Born in 2012, she specializes in women entrepreneurs who want to start, expand or expand their businesses. With its online academy, it has expanded its network to Latin America, particularly in countries such as Argentina and Colombia.

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