Vertical bank notes to enter circulation

Bank note

The pound is taking a turn in a new direction with vertical notes.

Ulster Bank will print the UK’s first portrait – rather than landscape – shaped notes that will enter circulation in Northern Ireland next year.

All four of the banks in Northern Ireland have traditionally issued their own money.

Vertical bank notes to enter circulation
Vertical bank notes to enter circulation

The polymer £5 and £10 notes are based on the theme “living in nature”.

Ulster Bank, which is part of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), has released the designs of its new notes, which will replace its paper currency.

Rose shrubs

The £5 note features Strangford Lough in County Down and Brent Geese.

Its £10 denomination shows Lough Erne in County Fermanagh, the Irish hare and Guelder-rose shrubs.

The bank announced last year that it would be following the Bank of England by printing plastic money.

However, Ulster Bank is going a step further with the new format.

Switzerland and Canada (who will introduce a vertical $10 note later this year), are among the few countries that have notes which are vertical in orientation.

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