Verisign receives the US patent for the registration of domain names in the blockchain

Verisign, one of the leading domain registries that control the domains ‘.com’ and ‘.net’, has acquired one Patent that applies blockchain technology to domain names.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted the patent Number 10,721,060 to Verisign on July 21.

Addresses instead of numbers

With the title of blockchain user addresses for domain names, The new patent describes some of the key technical advantages and benefits Assigned to registrants who use domain names from their Domain Name System (DNS) in a blockchain network.

Verisign receives the US patent for the registration of domain names in the blockchain
Verisign receives the US patent for the registration of domain names in the blockchain

This offers the opportunity to do so Use domain names acquired in the traditional DNS environment in a blockchain environment. Verisign said that by using this technology, registration enables users to convert traditional domains to a “blockchain user address” and interact with other participants on the network.

The technology enables users to use domains as “their presence in the blockchain”:

“If a registrant owns, they may want to use it as a blockchain user address. This enables a humane and friendly way of interacting with other blockchain participants by using domain names as addresses instead of numbers. […] enables blockchain participants to expand their web presence, e.g. B. to use as a presence in the blockchain. “

Additional tools for the reliable identification of two factors

The patented techniques include the management of public and private keys via a DNS entry in the blockchain network as well as operational requirements for so-called “proof of registration” files. The system enables a blockchain network to receive and store data for the domain name and its connection to a user address of an existing blockchain for the registrant..

You can also allow Safe identification of two factors “Consult the blockchain for a specific blockchain network”. This unlocks additional tools to verify user identity:

“For example, if a phone number or email address is attached to a specific address on a blockchain, it may be queried in the chain as the source for sending a message to confirm proof of ownership of the address.”

The domain name industry is not new to crypto and blockchain technology. Companies like Unstoppable Domains and MyEtherWallet have worked together to enable the crypto community to buy “.crypto” domains that provide decentralized domains. In March 2020, the popular Opera browser was the first major browser to integrate the “.crypto” domain extension.

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