Venezuelan police officers arrested suspected Bitcoin hackers

According to local news media in Venezuela, state police officers in the eastern part of the oil nation arrested a man who was allegedly involved in the subtractionr from foreign accounts the virtual currency Bitcoin.

The press release says that in the city of El Tigre, Anzoátegui, police officers from that state arrested a man nicknamed “El Esteban” in a hotel in the city when I was shopping with the electronic currency on the social network Facebookespecially in sales groups.

Apparently this guy was dedicated to electronic fraud with the cryptocurrency Bitcoinin complicity with an owner of a new and used car dealer in the city of Barcelona, ​​100 km from the place of detention.

Venezuelan police officers arrested suspected Bitcoin hackers
Venezuelan police officers arrested suspected Bitcoin hackers

According to this information, officials of the Corps of Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigations (CICPC) of the La Guaira subdelegation in the capital of Venezuela have been tracking the alleged “hacker” and his partner for an unspecified time. , the owner of the new and used car dealer, e.g. the illegal that was practiced after complaints were received from some victims.

The hint shows that “According to the investigation, the detained subject was dedicated to selling and offering cars through social media, an activity that involved the Barcelona businessman, whose dividends remained for his business.”

Although the suspect was initially referred to as a “hacker” in the press release by the investigator and arrest detective, it was evident that the term has been inadequately contextualized since then “Esteban” was dedicated to selling and buying cars through social networks through electronic payment with Bitcoinwho cheated on her victims by receiving payments in BTC without delivering what was agreed at the end of the negotiations.

Cases of electronic fraud are increasing in Venezuela

The arrest of “Esteban” coincides with the news that two people were arrested last April 25 on suspected cybercrime, falsification of documents, and association for committing a crime by the South American country’s National Anti-Extortion and Kidnapping Command (CONAS) .

The arrest carried out as part of the “Operation Against Terrorism” resulted in the arrest of two people, including an Anzoátegui state police officer, who is accused of being part of a structured crime group. organized.

The two men are reported to have hacked Bitcoin wallets and emails. Make sales of this cryptocurrency to foreign citizens in exchange for US dollars.

Take into account the messages added to the previous ones The arrest of four people committed to cybercrime with Venezuela’s Bitcoin cryptocurrency in just 24 hours.

According to officials, the fact is in the hands of the prosecutor and investigations are underway to determine the whereabouts of the other members of the criminal organization. It is not known whether the arrests are related.

The rise in cybercrime is not new to the country. Faced with a wave of attacks on various servers of the country’s major financial institutions, the executive president of Banesco Banco Universal, one of the largest in the country, A warning was issued to users three days ago to prevent them from falling victim to attacks on their personal accounts.

According to Grasso Vecchio, the chances of criminals and criminal organizations attacking in order to steal and benefit from confidential information are exponential this quarantine season.

In such a vulnerable situation The agency responsible for investigating and dealing with these complaints has provided citizens with a phone number and an email process the respective reports on cyber attacks.

Remember that in 2019 the hacker group ‘Machete’ focused on stealing strictly confidential files from the Venezuelan army, as published in a report by cyber security company ESET earlier this year. It is not known whether the hacker group is sponsored or sponsored by the state or acts independently.

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