Venezuela issues 11 arrest warrants for Guaidó’s allies for “expropriating” gold in the UK

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro had previously requested that a criminal investigation be launched against those involved in the “theft” of gold.

For example, Guaidó’s “ambassador” to the United States, Carlos Vecchio, stands out along with Vanesa Neuman and Julio Andrés Borges, other “false representatives” of Venezuela abroad.

It was also ordered to arrest the five people “who tried to take over the functions of the BCV’s board of directors” – Ricardo Villasmil, Giacoma Cuius Courtesy, Manuel Rodríguez, Nelson Lugo and Carlos Suares – and “the wrong officials” from the Office of the Attorney General – José Ignacio Hernández, Irene de Lourdes and Geraldine Afiuni – “who approved the lawsuit of a US law firm in this lawsuit,” said Saab.

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