Venezuela is the second largest market for LocalBitcoins

The popular P2P market confirmed in a webinar that the Venezuelan market It is positioned as the second largest market within its platform. The announcement was presented in a webinar on October 17th by Vladislav Alimpiev, Community and Partnership Manager.

Alimpiev expressed this fact when asked by the audience what he thought of Venezuelans about LocalBitcoins. As an approach to the answer, Alimpiev said it was “very good” to see LocalBitcoins serve as an aid to people who are in a country with as many problems as Venezuela.

He later added that Bitcoin, and LocalBitcoins in particular, have a powerful use case in the South American nation, and therefore The Venezuelan market is the second largest market for the P2P platform.

Venezuela is the second largest market for LocalBitcoins
Venezuela is the second largest market for LocalBitcoins

He added that “Venezuela is an extremely important market for us“Add that The Latin America region also attaches great importance to the operations carried out from the portal.

LocalBitcoins is not leaving Venezuela

In the middle of his reply, Alimpiev added that LocalBitcoins “stands by the side of the people of Venezuela” and expressed it The exchange has no intention of leaving the Venezuelan market, nor will it cease any type of business in the South American nation.

At this point, the manager of LocalBitcoins reminded that other companies had already left the Venezuelan market. This is a reference to Paxful, another popular P2P exchange, which shut down in Venezuela last September.

In the end, concluded with the idea that LocalBitcoins will continue to proudly support Venezuelans.

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