Venezuela condemns an “attack” on its electricity system

Venezuela’s Vice President Delcy Rodríguez condemned an “attack” on the Latin American country’s National Electric System this Tuesday.

“We have to report that the National Electric System has suffered an attack on its transmission lines on trunk 765,” Rodríguez said on his Twitter account, an event that occurs “just a few hours after the frustrated terrorist attack on Venezuela.” “” “We are already restoring the service,” he said.

The Venezuelan newspaper ‘El Universal’ reported that around 3:30 p.m. local time, power outages were recorded in areas of Greater Caracas, Florida, El Hatillo, Los Teques, Chacao, Santa Monica, and Las Mercedes. Los Palos Grandes, Los Chaguaramos, Bello Monte Hills, Baruta, Sabana Grande, El Valle and January 23.

Venezuela condemns an “attack” on its electricity system
Venezuela condemns an “attack” on its electricity system

Other states such as Anzóategui, Monagas, Carabobo, Zulia, Yaracuy, Mérida, Nueva Esparta, Aragua, Táchira and Lara are also affected. In this sense, several users of the social network Twitter have reported different power outages.

Venezuela’s self-proclaimed “responsible president”, Juan Guaidó, has spoken about this in the social network mentioned above and criticized the fact that “while the dictatorship of the Guanare massacre lies, dissatisfaction in the armed forces and the armed forces” can result in a confrontation in Petare do not cover the electrical breakdown that today has 16 states without light. “

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