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Venezuela calls donor conference “fraudulent spectacle” and “ideological event”

May 28, 2020

This Wednesday, the Venezuelan government branded the donor conference organized by the EU and Spain on Tuesday to mitigate the situation of Venezuelan refugees and migrants in neighboring countries as a “fraudulent spectacle” and “ideological event” while “ensuring that” deceiving international community “.

“Venezuela regrets the fraudulent spectacle, organized by a group of governments, self-proclaimed donors, led by the European Union, which aims to deceive the international community to legitimize its continued interventionist actions through false and precarious promises of funds, the Venezuelan allegedly aimed at combating migration, “the government said in a statement.

Thus, the donor conference was “an ideological media event” that pretended to “attack” the Venezuelan government, with the unspeakable goal of hiding recent economic aggression and mercenary operations against the Venezuelan people. “

Venezuela calls donor conference “fraudulent spectacle” and “ideological event”Venezuela calls donor conference “fraudulent spectacle” and “ideological event”

According to Caracas, “In practice, it was nothing more than a new mess of resources between bureaucracies of international organizations and political managers that has nothing to do with the real needs of Venezuelan migrants.”