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Vending machines in Hong Kong choose BCH over BTC

May 30, 2020

After Roger Ver posted a video of a vending machine in Hong Kong that accepts Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and not Bitcoin (BTC), traders and YouTuber Tone Vays claimed that Ver had paid for the machine to avoid accepting BTC. Ver denied such claims.

See a Hong Kong vending machine that accepts BCH

See, a pronounced lawyer for BCH has a Video May 29 on Twitter by a machine in Hong Kong that accepts BCH, Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Coin (BNB), but not BTC. “Bitcoin is not accepted at all,” Ver said in the video, noting the currency’s high fees and network traffic.

Network rate and speed issues have been a point of conflict in the cryptocurrency community in recent years as various solutions such as the Lightning Network try to support BTC scaling.

According to Tone Vays, Ver paid for the sales unit

Vending machines in Hong Kong choose BCH over BTCVending machines in Hong Kong choose BCH over BTC

Popular retailer and crypto-YouTuber Tone Vays replied to the Ver video and accused the BCH advocate of paying for the implementation of BCH on the machine instead of BTC.

“The real question is, how many transactions have they processed since this demo and what are they doing with BCH and ETH,” said Vays.. He postulated that the machine was unlikely to host any other BCH transactions. In this case, Vays claimed that the unit probably sold this BCH automatically for cash.

Trader Willy Woo also entered Vays, adding:

“This was also my first thought. It is common for altcoins to pay at a lower level to access ATMs, which raises the question of how central these projects are.”

Over the years, Ver Vays has contested several points. General view takes the position that BTC is not enough as digital money.

Roger Ver told Cointelegraph on May 30:

“I’ve invested in a lot of things, but as far as I know, I’m not an investor in these vending machines, and I don’t even know the people behind them.”

Ver added:

“I suspect that the real reason why they don’t accept BTC is because the BTC rates are too high and the payments are too easy to reverse.”