Use your fear as a stepping stone, not a sofa

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  • Listen.
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  • Prepare.
Use your fear as a stepping stone, not a sofa
Use your fear as a stepping stone, not a sofa

2020 was a challenging year in many ways, but it was full of opportunities for women entrepreneurs. in the Win147 We see entrepreneurship as a door that opens to face the reality of now or never and we start to believe in dreams.

With this in mind, we’re putting together three stories from members of Red Victoriato inspire us to valuable lessons on how to configure the moment when we can dare and turn fear into the perfect emotion to do so.

LISTEN, the moment of feedback

The rapid and unforeseen changes associated with the crisis caused by COVID-19 put many entrepreneurs in check as they had to close their business or suffered from a huge lack of demand that quickly drove them into the red. without a doubt the greatest fear of anyone who invests their resources in entrepreneurship. One way to get ahead is to adapt.

Folklórika is a company that is passionate about textiles and gastronomy. For more than seven years he has been selling bespoke uniforms for the hospitality industry. As the world of events and gastronomy was forced to retreat, so did its demand for inputs. What has this company run by Bianca Bejos done? He used his resources and saw the problem as an opportunity.

Working hand in hand with professionals, they began to develop face masks with all the specifications required for better protection. They listened to customer feedback and worked on a second edition to perfect various details and take care of health in the best possible way. That is why they presented a 2.0 mask made of breathable and fresh anatomical fabrics that is available in more than three colors. In addition, they are equipped with triple protection and a thermally sealed filter that you can replace with a coffee maker or vacuum cleaner when worn.

To date, they have sold and counted nearly a hundred thousand units while continuing to perfect their processes and guarantees that will allow them to certify the use of this accessory, as an act of solidarity with the manufacture of 500 units for medical Staff started. of the women’s hospital.


EVOLVE, taking the step further

Even for those who had already had a good chunk of the entrepreneurial journey behind them, the onslaught of the crisis presented them with obstacles such as loyal clients who had to leave, projects that were canceled, and a slew of sudden and unexpected changes they made forced to develop. How can you offer your product or service to people who are now consuming more online? The feeling of closeness and connection was key for many.

Cecilia Bernal y Sánchez, founder of Mercarte, the first branding art and cultural management agency founded in 2015, found a way around the wall of recession and discovered a new business unit that has now become a major asset in their future: Online courses.

Although everything in Mercarte has to do with art, the end-users weren’t the primary goal, but instead focused on developing projects for brands. Practically experimental, however, they began to teach courses with historians on ZOOM, aimed at those who were looking for a space to study and relax in the midst of the confines. Today, so the voice of its founder, is another possible future for Mercarte. To do that, they had to close their ranks, band together, get to work, and turn fear into gas by throwing the right match.

PREPARE, time to build

The success stories of the entrepreneurs or business women who try again and again without standing in front of the challenges are more than inspiring. Especially those who start with little but succeed with difficulty become an incentive for anyone looking for inspiration.

Two years ago Hilda Haghenbeck had an idea in college. She began with cosmetic treatments, from home tanning to nails to haircuts, until she finally dared to set up a beauty salon: Studio9 Beauty Bar. Just when everything seemed fine, the state government did not order facilities closings significantly.

For this enterprising woman, this marked the beginning of a journey on which preparation is the protagonist. After postponing it for a few months, Hilda said she finally stopped looking at her own business education – like budget management, human resources, and communication strategies – as an expense to convert into an investment. and acquire capitalizable knowledge in your company.

A few months later, and even before the new announcement of the cessation of activities through January 2021, Hilda has already developed a strategy for selling personal care products on Instagram that allows her to maintain her ongoing expenses, payrolls, reinvestments and even savings. ;; In addition, a business plan is being worked on that will allow it to compete with other sales channels in large beauty product stores.

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