Use these 8 methods to transform your customers into a community

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Use these 8 methods to transform your customers into a community
Use these 8 methods to transform your customers into a community

Today’s world is drowning in content, but it is hungry for connections. After all, we are social beings who come from tribal civilizations. Today we develop tribal loyalty to our interests, passions and identities and the brands that align with them.

s and companies that build loyal customer communities will always be successful. Imagine that your customers not only buy from you all the time, but also become ambassadors for your brand and tell their friends about you. That way, you can spend less on marketing and focus on what really matters. Sounds good, right?

Here are eight surefire ways to start your own community of enthusiastic fans.

1. Motivate them with a mission

As human beings, we want to be part of something bigger than ourselves, which is why the strongest communities are linked by a mission or purpose that unites them. I believe Maverick 1000 Giving entrepreneurs the boost and support they need to achieve their vision because I believe companies are the best way to make change happen. As a result, we also live, grow and play together.

Give your followers something to look forward to. Not only will this keep them busy and upset, but they will feel like their mission is to convert others to your cause.

2. Inspire them with your story

To really connect with you, your tribe needs to know how you started and why. What inspired you What obstacles did you overcome? Your mission and the story about it are linked.

Maybe you started your business because of certain circumstances or you couldn’t find something you were looking for. Blake Mycoskie founded the company TOMS to donate a pair of shoes to poor children in Argentina. I started Maverick1000 when I couldn’t find an entrepreneurial community that would help me grow my business and bring me happiness and purpose in life.

3. Define a clear language

Build your brand on an archetype your audience is aiming for or a trait they want to replicate. For example motorcyclists from Harley Davidson are renegades, while those of Touch Mudder They want to be heroes. Then develop your own language to establish an identity that your customers can relate to. It is the reason why fans of “Star TrekDefine yourself as ‘Trekkies’ and Lady Gaga He has his “little monsters”.

This creates a positive “us versus you” mentality because just as you want to attract those who should be in your tribe, you must also fend off those who don’t. Remember the announcements from Manzana That made the difference between two types of people, Apple users and Apple users. Pc.

Your unique language can be used in a number of different ways. For example, “Maverick Mondays” are crazy random events like zombie flash mobs, and “Maverick Moments” are funny stories shared by users or interesting conclusions from our experience. You can also make your community’s beliefs tangible with an emotional manifest that explains your values.

4. Set entry barriers

Evaluate your members before they can become part of your community. The more we struggle to get something, the more value it has to us. Members of elite groups like the Navy SEALS have such close ties because it is so difficult to get there. You have to believe that our members appreciated the special emblem they earned after 10 kilometers weighing 45 kilos.

This is not about being exclusive to be exclusive, it’s about creating positive cycles for potential members and forcing them to do something useful for the community before they can join.

5. Identify your members with objects

There are objects that let us know that a person is part of a community. For example the yellow bracelets from Livestrong Let us know who is fighting cancer in any way.

Think about how community members can earn those badges that are more valuable than something you could buy. Harley Davidson leather jackets have prints that you can earn on certain trips. Or you can even create something funnier like the “Martini Badge” the Sisters on the Fly girls deserve.

6. Provides exclusive access.

Many cult brands target outliers. Your customers appreciate the fact that not everyone can have access to what they have. For example, Johnny Cupcakes built his business on limited edition clothing and accessories and turned down proposals for sales of his designs.

You can give your community “Insider” or “Insider” status.insider“In a number of ways. For example, you can create valuable content just for your community or give them access to ads, offers or special sales before anyone else. During’s annual blocked sale, only members have access to the site, let alone access on super special prices.

7. Establish rituals

Rituals unite a community. Create them based on users’ journeys, openings, anniversaries, and other types of recognition.

For example the ice hockey team red wings Detroit has a long history of throwing an octopus on the ice during the playoffs. Maverick has a new membership ritual that has to do with industrial plastic and a green pill, but that’s all I can tell you about it.

8. Offer exceptional experiences

Unique experiences bring people closer to a level that fosters more meaningful relationships. Keith urbanThe famous country musician gave a VIP experience to fans who attended 100 concerts. Not only did this make her love him more, but it also got a lot of publicity.

The more intense or extraordinary the experience, the stronger the bond created. Our members have zero gravity flights like the astronauts of the POT and they have flown jets in Russia. If you add a surprise element, e.g. For example, having dinner in a hidden place gives you more control over it.

The Net Promoter Score is a tool that measures customer loyalty on a scale from 1 to 100. A better rating usually goes hand in hand with a higher income. Our rating rose by almost 20 points after adding more of these eight elements to our community. So use them to grow your business, build a huge tribe, and do amazing things in the world.

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