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Use the secrets of the TEDx talks to speak publicly and with zoom

May 22, 2020

Speaking publicly is a skill that helps you attract more customers and optimize your social relationships. In the age of video conferencing, it is essential to communicate effectively.

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Use the secrets of the TEDx talks to speak publicly and with zoom
Use the secrets of the TEDx talks to speak publicly and with zoom

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Efficient communication it will always open the doors to new opportunities. Learning to speak publicly is a talent that is needed by any organization and that enables you to attract more customers and optimize your social relationships.

In times of conference calls, public speaking is already a prerequisite for effective communication. Learn how to do this from your own hands Valeria Casanave and Manuel D’Argance, Directors of Increase ideas, Training in communication and business management.

During his live class “Secrets of the TEDx Talks for Public Speeches … and Zoom”, organized by e IEBS through the initiative School at home, Valeria and Manuel shared some strategies for you to create powerful communication.

Both have worked with TEDx for several years, an initiative that works as part of TED’s overall mission to “discover ideas worth spreading”. TEDx brings the spirit of TED to local communities around the world through events in a total of 80 countries.

The specialists make it clear: “There is no ready-made method for producing a TED. Each lecture is a case in itself, but there are various tools that you can use to speak successfully in public. “They share the following four must-haves in every powerful lecture.

  1. A powerful idea. This will bring interest in line with the audience. An idea is not instantaneous, it is not a problem, topic, anecdote or story. It is thoughts that help us accept changes. They generally consist of 10 to 15 words.
  2. A solid structure serving the idea. Let it serve to convey the idea to the audience from the speaker’s head. First of all, you have to discriminate against the idea to be transmitted and try to get to know your audience. Remember that the content is the star. Start with a hook to hold it, follow with a fact, poll, example, quote, or anecdote, but don’t fall in one place. He follows with an invitation to get the audience to do more research on the subject, and finally opens the door to the audience to look for more of him. So use FINISH (finish, invitation, start, check).
  3. Eraser. You should do what is necessary before presenting yourself publicly. You will only know your ideas when you write them down.
  4. Exam. Large conferences are reached by those who practice, there are no large improvised speakers.

Source: Increase ideas

Something important: Include stories in your conversations, why? Create changes. Changes can only be created through emotions that are transmitted through stories.

We invite you to visit the entire class of Valeria and Manuel who are taught at homeschool and that’s included in this article. There you will discover strategies with which you can present your ideas through a video conference or from Zoom. Remember that in a lecture the content will always be the key. However, since this is not a traditional presentation, you need to put some tips into practice to get your audience’s attention.

Don’t forget to attend the following sessions of homeschool. They are Monday to Friday at 1 p.m. Subscribe for free Here.