Use of blockchain technology for academic support at universities

MetaRed announced the organization of a webinar on the use of blockchain technology for academic support at the IES (Institute for Higher Education) in Argentina. It is scheduled to be developed on December 9th of this year.

MetaRed is a joint project that forms a network of IT managers (Information Technology) from Ibero-American universities with the aim of exchanging best practices and success stories and conducting collaborative technological developments.

Main objectives of the MetaRed blockchain webinar

In this webinar, the application of blockchain technology in certain cases at Argentine universities is analyzed. Different speakers try to approach the problems from different angles, such as: B. the problems to be solved at the university, technical challenges in software development and the blockchain infrastructure.

Use of blockchain technology for academic support at universities
Use of blockchain technology for academic support at universities

MetaRed has indicated that the main objective for which this webinar is being promoted is to examine its possible uses as a support for the academic part of colleges through two approaches:

The first is to publish the experiences of each country’s representatives in using blockchain. And secondly, to show what applications the blockchain can have in universities and how they can benefit from this technology.

And the inevitable digital transformation of universities affects all of their fields of action and is enormously complex to be tackled individually by every university in every country. MetaRed helps in this transformation by sharing efforts and providing best practices from different countries.

With this in mind, in addition to achieving the above goals, this conference also plans to bring together those responsible for information technology and other areas related to the digital transformation of Argentine higher education institutions in order to strengthen the collaboration that has occurred between their areas.

In addition, MetaRed intends to coordinate homogeneous working groups in each country in order, wherever possible, to export best practices between the different countries in the network.

Use of blockchain technology in education

The use of blockchain technology in education is still at a pilot stage, but it may spark a wave of innovation in academic support at a general level.

Blockchain technology has proven to be a catalyst for change in a wide variety of industries in the years since Bitcoin (BTC) was introduced in 2009. The subsequent creation of various blockchain and altcoins projects has shown that blockchain technology can bring about breakthrough changes in a wide range.

The world of finance, logistics and even law has benefited directly from the various uses of blockchain technology. Another sector that is beginning to accept its potential benefits is education.

Educational institutions are a fundamental element in the development of new technologies and the industry has not lagged behind in the adoption, implementation, and research and development of blockchain technology applications.

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