US Senate approves Haiti Institutional Transparency Bill

The United States Senate has passed a bill to combat corruption, governance and freedom of the press in Haiti that could lead to an in-depth investigation into the circumstances surrounding the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise.

The goal of this bill, passed in the House of Lords Thursday, is to increase institutional transparency and accountability in the country, according to the US Government Publications Office’s Congressional Record.

“The United States Congress passed legislation giving the State Department three months to complete a report on the murder of Jovenel Moise. I am pleased with the manner in which the United States is interested in investigating the President’s death and the truth about what happened on July 6 and 7,” Haiti’s interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph said on his official Twitter profile .

US Senate approves Haiti Institutional Transparency Bill
US Senate approves Haiti Institutional Transparency Bill

According to the Haitian news agency AlterPresse, this initiative is specifically intended to find out whether official investigations were interfered with or whether one of the perpetrators of the murder could have been an employee of the US government in the past.

Haitian Foreign Minister Jean Victor Généus announced Friday that the authorities are studying the possibility of requesting the United States to extradite Colombian national Mario Antonio Palacios, the prime suspect in the assassination.

Généus explained that the international extradition treaty signed between the two countries in 1904 allows the authorities to demand the extradition of Palacios, who confessed last week in the United States that the group of Colombian mercenaries, since the murder took place on Haitian territory where he was aware that the goal was to kill Moise.

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