US investigates Facebook and Google for monopolistic behaviors

WASHINGTON, Sep. 7 (Reuters / EP) –

The United States announced Friday the start of two antitrust investigations of large technology companies such as Google, owned by Alphabet, and Facebook.

Thus, the first investigation, led by a New York prosecutor's office and that includes seven other states and the District of Columbia, focuses on Facebook. The second, meanwhile, announced by Texas and will probably include another 40 states, does not specify which major technology companies it will be targeting, but is expected to focus on Google.

US investigates Facebook and Google for monopolistic behaviors
US investigates Facebook and Google for monopolistic behaviors

These companies are increasingly being questioned and accused of violating privacy or having a very large influence on the market. In addition, a number of political leaders, including US President Donald Trump, consumers and other companies have criticized that these companies have that power.

“I am initiating an investigation on Facebook to determine if their actions jeopardized the data of the consumers, reduced their quality of choice or increased the price of advertising,” said New York Attorney General Letitia on Twitter James. “The world's largest social media platform must comply with the law,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Texas attorney general's office, Ken Paxton, has reported that he is initiating an investigation into large technology companies, although, at the moment, he has not specified which ones.

This investigation, which includes more than 40 state attorney generals, is expected to focus on Google, a spokesman told Reuters news agency. A second source has revealed that research on the Internet search engine will analyze issues such as privacy and monopoly.

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