US Department of Justice closes without results an investigation on Hillary Clinton encouraged by Trump

Hillary Clinton, en la presentación de un libro en Londres

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The United States Department of Justice has closed an open investigation against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton after verifying that she did not incur any irregularities, a search that was opened two years ago by order of the then attorney general, Jeff Sessions, and that was encouraged by the president of the United States, Donald Trump, as reported by the newspaper 'The Washingont Post'.

US Department of Justice closes without results an investigation on Hillary Clinton encouraged by Trump
US Department of Justice closes without results an investigation on Hillary Clinton encouraged by Trump

The investigation has been closed without achieving any tangible result, after having been opened by the pressure of the Republicans at a time when the president of the United States was calling for Clinton to be investigated for corruption.

Responsible and former officials of the United States security forces have told the American newspaper that they never expected that investigation to give results, as it has finally happened.

The Utah prosecutor, John Huber, was appointed in November 2017 at the time by US Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate the suspicions that both President Trump and his allies had expressed in Congress, who pointed out that the FBI He would not have thoroughly investigated the possible corruption of the Clinton Foundation and the stage of Hillary Clinton as US Secretary of State, especially when the United States Government decided not to block the sale of a company called Uranium ONe.

As part of his investigation, Huber examined documents and interviewed security officials in Little Rock who were conducting an investigation into the Clinton Foundation. Responsible and former officials of the security forces have confirmed that Huber did not find anything that could be subject to a judicial process but his assignment has not officially ended and no notification has been sent about the end of the investigations or to the Department of Justice or to parliamentarians, according to knowledgeable sources on the subject.

The final conclusion of the prosecutor will cause discomfort among the leaders of the Republican Party who hoped that Huber would find irregularities, including President Trump himself, who has repeatedly accused Hillary Clinton of corruption.

The US president, however, now focuses his attention on another investigation led by Connecticut prosecutor John Durham, which current U.S. attorney general William P. Barr commissioned in 2019 to investigate the origins of the investigation opened in 2016 by the FBI about the possible coordination of the Trump and Russia campaign team.

The investigation investigated was led by prosecutor Robert Mueller at the end of 2017, at a time when Trump and his supporters were pressing security services to appoint a second special prosecutor to investigate Clinton.

“Everyone asks why the Department of Justice and the FBI are not looking at the dishonesty of the corrupt Hillary and the Democrats,” the president of the United States said at the time, in a Twitter message.

At that time, Sessions did not appoint a new special prosecutor but weeks later he sent a letter to Huber in which he was told to “review” a series of issues related to Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and the Uranium One company, in addition to the FBI management of the investigation into the use of his private email when he was secretary of state.

“Your recommendations should include if any topic currently not investigated deserves the opening of an investigation, if any subject currently investigated requires more resources or more investigation and if any issue would require the appointment of a special prosecutor,” Sessions wrote in his petition to Huber .

Republican parliamentarians were then reinforced in their positions with the appointment of Huber to investigate the facts, understanding that he is a prosecutor with a strong professional background working first with Barack Obama as president and then with Trump. However, from the beginning, those responsible for the Department of Justice knew that the investigations would not yield significant results and that their opening would only serve to calm the spirits of Republicans and President Trump.

“We did not expect much from it nor did he,” said a person knowledgeable about the investigation initiated by prosecutor Huber and who has asked to keep his identity under anonymity. “As time progressed, many people forgot about the issue,” he said.

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