US calls for early elections in Iraq

Expresses its concern over the “continued attacks” against protesters in anti-government protests


The United States has called on Monday to hold early elections in Iraq after weeks of anti-government protests in the country and the “continued attacks on protesters” that have been recorded in the last month, with almost 300 dead.

In a statement, the White House spokesman said that “the United States is seriously concerned about continued attacks on protesters, civic activists and the media, as well as restrictions on Internet access in Iraq.”

US calls for early elections in Iraq
US calls for early elections in Iraq

In the opinion of the Donald Trump Administration, “Iraqis will not stand idly by while the Iranian regime drains its resources and uses armed groups and political allies to prevent them from peacefully expressing their views.”

Thus, he recalled that “despite being attacked with lethal violence and denied access to the Internet, Iraqis have made their voices heard, calling for elections and electoral reforms.”

Therefore, the White House said in a statement published by its Embassy in Baghdad, “The United States joins the UN Mission in Iraq asking the Iraqi Government to cease violence against protesters and fulfill the president's promise (Barham ) Salih to approve an electoral reform and hold early elections. ”

“I also ask the rest of the international community to join us in supporting a better future for Iraqis,” the US administration has said.


This Sunday, UNAMI presented a kind of roadmap for the country on what it considers to be the “next step” after weeks of demonstrations in which protesters demand “economic growth and employment, reliable public services, prudent governance and impartial, the end of corruption, credible elections as well as a broader reform of the political system, including amendments to the Constitution. ”

In the opinion of the UN Mission, “an accumulation of frustrations about the lack of progress in the last 16 years” is clearly noticeable “after the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime. In addition, he stressed, with the increasing number of deaths and injuries during the protests “a climate of anger and fear” has been established.

Thus, after highlighting that the Iraqis want “a leap forward” and the risk of peaceful protests “being kidnapped”, he has warned that “time is money” and proposed a series of measures based on their consultations with different actors and Iraqi authorities.

First, it has raised the need to guarantee the right to peaceful demonstration and protect the right to life, practicing maximum restraint in the management of protests and prohibiting the use of real ammunition.

On the other hand, it has defended the need to proceed, in less than a week, to release all peaceful protesters detained since October 1, in accordance with the law, and initiate investigations into cases of kidnapping as well as abuse by of the security forces, in addition to prosecuting those responsible for acts of violence.

In addition, he has asked the Iraqi Government to “publicly ask all regional and international parties not to interfere with internal affairs and respect the sovereignty of Iraq.”

Regarding the measures to be adopted within one to two weeks, UNAMI is committed to an electoral reform with technical support from the UN, a security sector reform that prohibits any weapon outside the control of the State and that outlaws “any illegal armed entity or wayward element”, against whom the State shall act.

On the other hand, it is committed to fighting corruption and proposes that “the political elite preach by example” by publicly declaring their assets and that political parties and blocs suppress their economic committees.

Already in the long term, in about three months, it raises, among other things, a constitutional reform, with technical support from the UN, that is submitted to a referendum.

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