Uphold is launching a new service to perform recurring and scheduled transactions

The Uphold digital money exchange platform announced a new automated trading service that is available to all users in the Latin America region. This was reported to Cointelegraph in Spanish through a statement.

They pointed this out from Uphold It is a new automated trading service to be able to execute scheduled and recurring transactions in advance.

In the statement, they stated: “Uphold currently offers an exchange between 27 national currencies, 30 cryptocurrencies, 6 stable coins, 4 precious metals and 50 American stocks for all users in Latin America“”

Uphold is launching a new service to perform recurring and scheduled transactions
Uphold is launching a new service to perform recurring and scheduled transactions

Then they added: “From now on, Customers can automate and schedule their transactions on their Uphold accounts. either for future or repeated operations. This means that users can schedule an operation for a specific day and time and that this transaction is repeated as often as required. “

They also allow you to fund accounts using credit / debit cards, send money abroad, or exchange between cryptocurrencies, national currencies, metals, and stocks on the same platform.

Juan Pablo Thieriot, CEO of Uphold, said:

“Nowadays, customers prefer to manage their finances on the go. Whether they send gold to their family every month, pay the monthly rent, or want to place an order for a share, Uphold users can pre-set it – set it automatically and plan payments in advance. “

They also found that all planned transactions were exchanged at market rates at the time of execution.

Different starts and different services

The automated trading service is the continuation of a series of launches that Uphold has planned for Latin America.

On the other hand, The Fractional Actions service was recently launched This offers the opportunity to buy and exchange American stocks from the same Uphold account.

You also have to take into account recent alliance with Coil, So that content providers can receive payments directly via web monetization using the Interledger protocol. “As the sector advances, new payment method solutions are required that provide easy access, speed and trust,” said Uphold.

Some details about Uphold

Uphold is a digital money exchange platform with 2.25 million customers worldwide. It offers investment services and payment solutions to both consumers and businesses. The Silicon Valley company uses blockchain technology and provides access to cryptocurrencies, local currencies, precious metals, performance / credit products, stocks and debit cards for multiple assets.

In addition, there are companies that use Uphold to pay people around the world or accept payments from customers in cryptocurrencies and automatically convert them to national currencies. Accounts can be funded through seven crypto networks, bank connections in around 40 countries, and debit and credit cards. The platform offers 50 US stocks, 27 fiat currencies, 30 digital currencies and four precious metals.

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