Update on Ethconnect and Binarycoin

This is a little update on what has happened during the ICO´s of Ethconnect and Binary coin, two ICO´s i am taking part of, both ERC20 tokens. And what we are waiting for in order to reachsuccess under 2018!

Binary coin:

Binary coinscrew had a late sale of 500,000 tokens, selling them for around 10 dollar each. The initial ICO price ranged from 0,5 – 1,25 dollar,

Since then, there has been great delays in the delivery of the tokens as well as starting the actual lendingplatform. They are working on a new web site & wallet hope it will work out better.

Update on Ethconnect and Binarycoin
Update on Ethconnect and Binarycoin

The token has been listed at but the wallet is in maintenance mostly so its hard getting it to the exchange. My self i got my tokens today, long overdue and i have seen the price go from 20,000 satoshi to 10,000 while waiting.

I have been invested long enough so i am gladly waiting until they got the lendingplatform up and running as well as the new homepage they are working on. If u missed the ICO the price, as stated above, has gone down and is available only on:

The team has preformed bad on social media leaving a lot of questions to the investors during the ICO, hopefully they launch their services to full extent soon or i think the token will have a harder time gaining momentum in 2018.


This was not easy buying, the server could not handle the traffic of all the ICO participants and i only got my hands on 1k coins, but that might be the best thing with this ICO, since its having some issues.

Not only lags during the ICO but many clientsreportloss of both BTC and the EHC tokens they bought. The wallets gave been locked all of december so there are many angry investors. I withdrew all my leftover funds after the ICO closed without problem and have had no problem with my own ECH token balance.

The lending and staking services is working poorly to say the least, tbh i am not sure that they are working at all, if you didn´t already lend / stake your tokens.

The internalexchange was supposed to open 20 dec, it did not and probably will not do so for a little while. Buying this token is harder and nothing i can recommend at this stage since the only way is registering at and sending your funds there.

Following the road map, they did at least try to launch the lending and staking in time(binary coin did not), even if they failed, some clients have lended and staked! Now we are waiting for a delayed internalexchange, i really hope they get it up and running and that they get all the wallets opened since i´ve noticed that many users did not get their funds out prior to the closing of the wallets.

The Ethconnect team might be the worst ever at communicating, followed by binary coin sadly, this thends to make some of the investors nervous. I can confirm that there is alot of unhappy users here and the spam on facebook is amusing, I wouldn´t use it as a source of information to say the very least ?


This is not investment advice or even tips neither is it a direct scam warning i am simply stating what has gone down during the ICO´s and my own outlook on the projects.


Have a wonderful christmas everyone and good luck to you all in the comming year of 2018!!


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