Up to 10 vaccines could be available in 2021

Despite the fact that the race for the vaccine against COVID-19 continues, it is estimated that there could be a dozen by the middle of next year.

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Up to 10 vaccines could be available in 2021
Up to 10 vaccines could be available in 2021

If approved, it is expected that there will be around 10 vaccines against COVID-19 by mid-2021; This was estimated by Thomas Cueni, Director General of the International Federation of Associations and Manufacturers of Pharmaceutical Products (IFPMA), quoted by the agency Reuters.

And that’s it for the last few days Vaccines against Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Pfizer gave very positive results during the tests. So Cueni added, “I would hope that we will see something similar at Johnson Johnson and that we will see similar positive results at Novavax and many others, Sanofi Pasteur, GSK, Merck …”

In addition to approval, however, Cueni added that inventors need patent protection. That’s because both pharmaceutical As a biotechnology company, you have invested heavily in research and development of Vaccinations. They also rely on extensive quality control, so he added that it would be a mistake not to leave their manufacture to skilled hands.

“It is expected that by next summer (2021) we will probably have 10 vaccines that have proven themselves. But they all really have to undergo rigorous scientific scrutiny by regulators, ”said Cueni.

Perhaps because of this, the initiative put forward by South Africa and India to compulsorily license products patented by the World Trade Organization (WTO) during the pandemic has been rejected by several countries (including Switzerland and the United States). United).

In addition, Cueni pointed out that vaccine production requires 50 people focused on quality control. For his part, he also noted that, despite the patent, most companies had committed to establishing fixed costs and “non-profit organizations” in order not to exploit the context of the pandemic.

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