Universo Mola presented an application for sustainable fashion with blockchain technology

With the idea of ​​promoting the development of sustainable Latin American fashion, Universo Mola, a program of the “Entre Soles y Lunas” foundation in collaboration with Blockfashion, presented this August 18th, 2020 in a live broadcast on Facebook and Youtube Live for all of Latin America and the world, The first sustainable fashion app in the region equipped with blockchain technologyin order to guarantee the consumer safe and reliable advice as well as the basic traceability of the products contained on the platform.

This app responds to the need to unite all of Latin America and to connect the production of sustainable fashion with the conscious fashion market worldwide. It is an instrument that brings citizens directly closer to their producers without intermediaries, minimizes costs, enables dialogue and increases awareness of use, which makes it more humane, practical and efficient, as Mola explain in detail in their declaration.

Once started, this application is available for download in the App Store and Google Play. This application will help promote eco-friendly designers and brands who are working to position themselves in the market. In this app, users will find an area for brands in which more than 250 products are already on display.

How the Universo Mola app works

Universo Mola presented an application for sustainable fashion with blockchain technology
Universo Mola presented an application for sustainable fashion with blockchain technology

Finding the product you want is done in an agile, dynamic and concrete way, as the search is done by brand, product, country or search specification. Offers the possibility of feedback and Thanks to the implementation of blockchain technology, the user can know the available traceability processes, colors and sizes.

According to the Fashion Unite publication This application has an exclusive news section and suggestions for organizing events related to sustainable fashionLikewise, it offers the reading of QR codes from labels of the platform’s products in order to know their origin and main features.

The Universo MOLA app uses blockchain technology, which ensures that the traceability data of products cannot be changed or deleted, creating confidence in the transparency of the information. Other advantages of this application are that through the use of other disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and big data, usage data can be found and brands can be informed about it. Consumer development to improve performance and make it easier for users to find better products, as Fashion Unite points out in its section.

Sustainable fashion in Latin America

In the case of Latin America, the sustainable fashion industry is currently growing and trying to develop and promote positive social and environmental impacts in the region.

Countries like Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay continue to support and promote this type of industry in terms of sustainability and environmental protection.

Two of the internationally best-known platforms for sustainable fashion are ECO Fashion Latam and Slow Fashion Spain. The first promotes this type of fashion in Latin America and the second promotes and advises on the quality that surrounds this world.

Despite the economic and social crisis, the world is in a crisis that is slowing the progress and growth of sustainable fashion brands and institutionsUniverso Mola, a global fashion platform from Latin America based on the principles of slow fashion from Uruguay, is a pioneer in introducing blockchain technology in an app for sustainable fashion. With this, the movement intends to intervene in the value chain of fashion in order to create alternatives for sustainable development, especially for young people and manufacturing communities, to whom they can give back more well-being and quality of life.

Blockchain in the fashion industry

The introduction of technology into the fashion world has evolved very quickly in a very short space of time, leaving an ever thinner line between fashion and technology.

Currently, blockchain is not only used in cryptocurrencies or financial applications, but it has also been introduced in different fields covering different areas of the industrial sector and the fashion industry is one of them.

Currently, some brands and designers are venturing into the world of fashion blockchain around the world. Pioneers in this field of designers Martine Jarlgaard and Provenance, a blockchain software company that helps fashion brands control their raw materials.

Another application of the blockchain in this area is Lukso, an open blockchain ecosystem for fashion companies to create apps, This makes these projects interoperable, leads to a larger network and offers decentralized innovations and a trustworthy infrastructure.

In Portugal it is HUUB is changing logistics in Europe and connecting small and medium-sized industries with retailers. Blockchain is on its roadmap to help them enter the fashion industry around the world.

On the other hand, there is the company VenChain, which creates a digital trace of physical items supported by a blockchain. Each article is given a unique identificationthat can be combined with an NFC chip or a QR code, depending on the customer’s requirements.

Coin Fashion is another company in the market that proposes an ecosystem where the customer can interact directly with designers, stylists, models, photographers and influencers and other members involved in the manufacture of clothing. These are some of the companies in the world working in the connection between fashion and blockchain technology.

They come closer and closer to the area and investigate it. They work on options that they will develop in the market and open the world panorama.

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