United Kingdom will immediately cut off the free movement of people after Brexit

LONDON, Aug 19 (Reuters / EP) –

The British Ministry of Interior has warned on Monday that the free movement of people between the United Kingdom and the EU will cease immediately on October 31, whether it is consumed a Brexit without agreement or Brexit “wild” or in the case that a withdrawal agreement is applied.

“The freedom of movement now in force will end on October 31, when the United Kingdom leaves the EU and after Brexit the Government will implement a new and fairer immigration system that prioritizes the capabilities and what people can bring to the United Kingdom in instead of prioritizing where they come from, “said an Interior spokesman.

United Kingdom will immediately cut off the free movement of people after Brexit
United Kingdom will immediately cut off the free movement of people after Brexit

Details on restrictions on the free movement of people will be known later, since they are still working on them, said the spokesman, who stressed that they will be known soon. In particular, it has advanced that they will include more thorough reviews in the field of criminal records and crime records.

However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has stressed on Monday that they do not intend to become a country hostile to foreigners. “What we are going to do is leave the EU and that means that legally all those competencies revert in the United Kingdom … It does not mean that we are going to stop all those who come to our country, nor that we are going to convert in a hostile country towards immigration or immigrants, “he explained in statements to the BBC.

“Immigration to the United Kingdom will be democratically controlled and for this we will implement a point system similar to the Australian,” he said.

This position supposes a hardening of the one defended by the previous Government, that of Theresa May, which affirmed that it would put an end to the freedom of movement of people “as soon as possible”, without committing to a specific date such as October 31.

On the other hand, the regulations established for EU citizens and their families who already reside in the United Kingdom are not modified. These will have until December 2020 to enroll in the EU Settlement System planned by London. Until then, none of these residents and family members will be banned from entering or leaving, Interior said.

Analysts such as Joe Owen, of the Institute for Government study group, have warned that it is “almost impossible” to legislate and establish in two months a system that makes it possible to distinguish in practice between citizens of EU countries who have been living and working for decades in the United Kingdom and a newcomer.

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