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Nosebleed is a commonplace medical condition wherein the affected person experiences bleeding from the nose – medically termed as Epistaxis or Nasal Hemorrahage. Seldom a cause of serious worry — nose bleeds may happen at the slightest instance of face-hit or nose picking of dried crusted mucus by children/ adults or a heat stroke.

Why does nose bleed occur?

Understanding the anatomy of human nose divulges that it is a rich host blood vessels inside. Owing to the noses unique location on the face and the numerous blood vessels lying inside are always at a vulnerable position to damage.

Understand Your Bleeding Nose | Dealbase Hotel and Travel
Understand Your Bleeding Nose | Dealbase Hotel and Travel

Anterior Nose Bleed

There are predominantly two types of nose bleedings that may occur to humans. The ones that happen because of a minor injury or pressure on the nose, leading to bleeding from inside the nose walls, it is called anterior nose bleeds. Anterior nose bleed is generally harmless and can be treated at home without difficulty. It is the type of nosebleed that children suffer from normally speaking. Some of the common causes of anterior nose bleeding are as follows:

Hard nose blowing job;
Frequent nose digging/ picking;
Minor injury on the nose because of a blow received on the face;
Deviated septum
Climate change from bitter cold to hot dry climate can lead to drying up of mucus in the nose and resultant cracking of the mucus at times causes nose bleeding;
At high altitudes, declined oxygen supply may cause nose bleeding;
Flu or common cold;
Allergy in the nose;
Liver disease;
Over-use of blood-thinning medicines (eg. Aspirin) or Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAID) (eg. Ibuprofen);
Over-dosage of illegal drugs like cocaine.

Posterior Nose Bleed

This is a rather serious type of nose bleeding that originates from much upper in the nose. Termed as posterior nose bleed, this type of nose bleeding can result into longer and more profuse bleeding. This type of bleeding generally occurs in adults and demands immediate interference by a medical practitioner.

Posterior nosebleeds occur due to reasons like nose-related surgery, deficiency of Calcium, high BP (hypertension) and exposure to chemicals.

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