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UNAM presents an anti-coronavirus mask that you can create yourself

May 21, 2020

UNAM and Hospital Gea González have launched the GEA-MADiT mask, which covers most of the face, enables 100% visibility and withstands long working hours.

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UNAM presents an anti-coronavirus mask that you can create yourself
UNAM presents an anti-coronavirus mask that you can create yourself

If the contingency is removed, we will not return to the world we left behind, at least until we have an effective Covid 19 vaccine worldwide. In fact, it is likely that interaction with other people should be carried out with light and reliable protective equipment for every part of the population.

Given this “new normal”, a work team led by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and the Center for applied medical innovation in the Gea González Hospital designed the GEA-MADiT mask, a mask that offers superior insulation than those currently on the market.

As from the UNAM Gazette, Mucio Moreno, Doctor of the Gea González Hospital and Leopoldo Ruiz Huerta, Coordinator of the National Laboratory for Additive and Digital Manufacturing (MADiT), pointed out that the GEA-MADiT mask It covers most angles, enables 100% visibility, withstands long working hours and is easy to carry, reusable and recyclable.

The best? Anyone interested in making the GEA-MADiT mask can request their basic information and design to the email account You can check the details of the design in this publicly available PDF.

Picture: UNAM

The mask is made of PETG, a material that enables cleaning with water and soap or solutions with 70 percent alcohol. This does not exempt them from becoming a device that they can transport and transmit to other people when contaminated by a pathogen, hence the need to supplement it by using a face mask.

“Because – when another person speaks – or even sneezes, they deposit themselves on the outside, this is an extraordinary addition, since they have to minimize the contagion caused by these moist mucous membranes (nose, mouth and eyes),” said Ruiz Huerta on the university campus.

Although the idea for the exclusive use of medical personnel arose, the need for protection also spread at the national level, ie for every resident of a community who wanted to make their own masks without being dependent on anyone.

In this context, in an interview with Deyanira Morán, moderator of Prisma RU from Radio UNAM, the doctors pointed out that in an automated process, such as that carried out for primary care in hospitals, The production cost (including materials) each did not exceed 25 pesos;; An amount that can vary depending on the volume of material purchased and the manufacturing process used to produce it.