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UN migration will provide a handbook on migrant entrepreneurship

June 3, 2020

This Thursday, May 4th, the organization will start on Facebook Live.

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UN migration will provide a handbook on migrant entrepreneurshipUN migration will provide a handbook on migrant entrepreneurship

The International Organization for Migration (OIM), Agency of the United Nations for the migration this Thursday 4th May the “Migrant ship Guide“The aim is to make recommendations to guide migrants in Mexico to the basic issues they need to consider when starting a business.

“ship enables migrants to decide and decide how they want to integrate into the host countries. They are catalysts for change, their motivation and energy bring new skills with them and they diversify the national and international market,” explains the IOM in the Introduction of the manual.

This material will consist of five modules, including: being an entrepreneur and a migrant, recognizing my skills today, strengthening my skills, selling and reselling, and after-sales. These sections focus on basic issues that are essential before starting a business or in the early stages of a business.

According to the agency, the migration process begins with a permanent or semi-permanent change of residence, voluntary or forced, and it’s not easy to start a new life. “For IOM, it is important that migrants have options that allow them to do paid work that generates income to live in dignity.”