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UN experts warn against Swiss anti-terror law “dangerous precedent”

September 12, 2020

A group of United Nations human rights experts warned this Friday that Switzerland’s proposed anti-terror law could set a “dangerous precedent” for suppressing political disagreements in the world while requesting the revocation of the draft law rule.

The draft law, which is currently up for approval in the Swiss parliament, broadens the definition of terrorism and, in the opinion of the rapporteurs, does not require the possibility of a crime being committed and stresses that if passed, this would lead governments to seek political disagreements even by using “punishment, torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment”.

With this in mind, the group recalled that, according to international standards, terrorism is defined as intimidation or coercion of the population or the government by taking hostages.

UN experts warn against Swiss anti-terror law “dangerous precedent”UN experts warn against Swiss anti-terror law “dangerous precedent”

According to the draft, a terrorist act could include illegitimate activities to amend the constitutional order, such as some journalistic events, civil society or political activists.

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