Ukraine welcomes NATO’s stance on Russia’s “aggressive” actions

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dimitro Kuleba this Thursday welcomed NATO’s statements on Russia’s disputes with Ukraine and “aggressive” actions against it following a ministerial meeting in Latvia on November 30 and December 1.

“It is important that at this ministerial meeting we saw a clear answer to my request to strengthen cooperation with Ukraine in military matters,” said Kuleba at a press conference in Riga.

Ukraine welcomes NATO’s stance on Russia’s “aggressive” actions
Ukraine welcomes NATO’s stance on Russia’s “aggressive” actions

He said that NATO warned the Russian authorities against any “aggressive” action against Ukraine and accused the country of stepping up its military operations on the border.

The organization’s secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, has made it clear, however, that he cannot give Ukraine any security guarantees as it is not a member state of the alliance, according to the state agency Ukrinform.

The Norwegian politician has therefore limited himself to appealing to the parties to avoid an escalation of tensions in the region and has promised political aid in this regard. In addition, he has ensured that the Atlantic Alliance is united in its support for Kiev and has already risen against the notion that Russia can establish a sphere of influence and try to control neighboring countries.

“We must be aware that it is unacceptable for Russia to have its sphere of influence, that it is impermissible to try to exercise control over what its neighbors do. It’s a world we don’t want to return to, where great powers have the right to restrict the sovereignty of other countries, “he added.

For his part, Russian President Vladimir Putin criticizes the “irresponsibility” of NATO, which insists on expanding to include the Ukrainian border and stationing “threatening weapons” near Russian territory. “The primary task of Russian diplomacy is to obtain reliable and lasting security guarantees,” said President Putin at a ceremony to hand over the credentials of the new foreign ambassadors accredited in Moscow.

“We need legal guarantees because Western colleagues have not fulfilled their verbal promises. Everyone knows that NATO verbally promised not to expand eastwards, but did the opposite and ignored our legitimate security concerns,” Putin denounced.

With this in mind, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has declared that Washington is ready to impose a new package of economic sanctions on Moscow should it attempt to “invade Ukraine”.

“We have made it clear to the Kremlin. We will react decisively and introduce economic measures, although we have avoided this in the past,” he stressed before making it clear that in such a case the government of President Joe Biden would advance Moscow Bring up to date.

However, he urged the Ukrainian authorities to carry out an “act of containment” in their relations with Russia. “The United States stands for Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity and is committed to its alliance with Ukraine,” he said, although he said, “we also ask for containment” of Kiev.

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