UK Interactive Ad

From Digital Television Group (UK)

Britain’s first interactive television commercial will be screened this week onSky Digital. Viewers will be able to ‘click’ on the ad., switch to thehome shopping service Open and order a Chicken Tonight voucher.

Some people in advertising believe that the advert, for a Chicken Open’schief executive James Ackerman said: “Instead of just watching adverts,viewers across the country can now find out more about advertisers’ products andeven buy them straight away.”

UK Interactive Ad
UK Interactive Ad

The Independent Television Commission is reported to be drawing up new rulesfor interactive television. “It’s important that kids should not beexploited or subjected to things that are inappropriate for children and whichmight prove damaging,” says Stephen Lock, Director Advertising at the ITC. It remains to be seen whether chicken will take its place in the annals of TVadvertising alongside the toothpase tube in a block of ice that launchedcommercial British television in the mid-50s.


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