Ubitquity will develop a tokenized securities platform

The developer of the real estate blockchain platform Ubitquity will develop a platform to create real estate titles tokened with Rainier Title, according to a news report.

The platform can also store transportation records for Rainier Title. which is based in Washington. Will be integrated into the transport suite Qualia. Rainier Title is currently being migrated to Qualia.

The tokens created via this platform represent the property of a customer. This gives owners more opportunities to develop new value. like a broken investment in real estate. Ubitquity said in a statement The presence of tokens, which represent a property, as well as transport data sets that are stored in a blockchain, leads to “enormous efficiency gains for an abstract process”.

Ubitquity will develop a tokenized securities platform
Ubitquity will develop a tokenized securities platform

Unanimity, Ubitquity’s blockchain platform as a service, Allows your customers to add data to the blockchain to keep all records accurately.

Together with the partnership with Rainier Title, Ubiquity is also addressing the rise in cyber crime. Creates an intelligent contract module for trust agreements called SmartEscrow. Your goal is to allow Easily recover or reuse data without additional verification. The company said that with the technology closing agents You can better avoid cheating because there is only one source of truth and reconciliation is no longer required.

Tokenized Real Estate has been one of the most talked about projects in recent years. However, delays in adoption have caused some to question profitability. However, the use of blockchain technology for title tokens continues to be seen as positive for the real estate industry.

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