Ubisoft selects a blockchain startup for its s Lab

Aleph. Im, A blockchain-based computer and storage startup was selected to participate in the sixth season of the s Lab of Ubisoft, Offers greater exposure to the emerging blockchain industry.

The French video game developer has headed the s Lab for six years, offering startups and entrepreneurs the opportunity to access the company’s resources and expertise as they scale and market their products. This season focuses on “Blockchain and Positive Entertainment “. In addition to Alepi.im, 11 other startups from Canada, Europe and Australia were selected to participate.

“We are very proud to have all of these talented startups in the sixth season of the Ubisoft s Lab.” He said Virgina hatred, Director of Studio Operations at Ubisoft.

Ubisoft selects a blockchain startup for its s Lab
Ubisoft selects a blockchain startup for its s Lab

Jonathan Schemoul, Aleph.im’s CEO explained his company’s approach:

“Our primary role is to make decentralized cloud services a reality. It is really encouraging that such a successful company supports our vision of creating the next generation of cloud services that will be open source, unstoppable and trustworthy.”

The mentoring program gives Aleph.im the opportunity to improve its decentralized ecosystem with direct support from Ubisoft experts. According to Aleph.im, the ultimate goal is to make blockchain and social entertainment for “drive the future of entertainment. “

2021 was a great year for blockchain startups. Venture capital and private equity firms are investing billions of dollars in dozens of projects. In contrast to the ICO craze of 2017, It’s smart money that leads the way in raising capital. with companies like JPMorgan Chase, Mastercard Y. UBS commit large sums of money.

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