Uber starts “audio recording” as a security option in Mexico

The mobility company announced that Mexico City and Guadalajara are among the 36 cities that offer this service.

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Uber starts “audio recording” as a security option in Mexico
Uber starts “audio recording” as a security option in Mexico

The aim is to improve the safety of its users and drivers Over announced that the audio recording tool is now available in Mexico City and Guadalajara.

This function has been implemented in the Aztec country since February this year and can be found in 38 cities. It enables both users and driving partners to enable recording while driving to send a report to the application support team if they feel uncomfortable on the go.

Photo: Courtesy of Uber

“Our goal is to further increase the safety standard by constantly investing, developing and testing innovative solutions that offer safety to users and driving partners. The implementation of this function in all the cities in which we operate in the country is another example of our commitment to Mexico and the potential of the technology to promote greater security, ”said Gretta González, CEO of Uber in Mexico.

This option allows the audio file to remain encrypted on the device, while the mobility platform support teams can only listen to the content when the user or driver sends it as part of a report.

In addition, the recording cannot be heard on a party’s device or shared with third parties. In certain circumstances, a record may affect support personnel’s decision to disable access to an account in accordance with the Uber Community guidelines and terms and conditions.

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