Uber sells its autonomous car and flying taxi division

The private transportation platform prefers to focus on the businesses that pay off: passenger transportation and grocery delivery.

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Uber sells its autonomous car and flying taxi division
Uber sells its autonomous car and flying taxi division

That was announced yesterday Uber officially sold its autonomous auto division to the startup Aurora. Now the private transport platform has reached an agreement, so that Joby Aviation acquires Uber Elevate, its fleet of flying taxis.

After years of trying to get its air taxi business off the ground, Uber finally decided to leave the project to focus on what worked for them: passenger transportation and food delivery.

As announced by Joby Aviation, the agreement includes an investment of $ 75 million from Uber in the company, supplemented by the 50 million that he invested last January. Likewise, The airline can use the Uber app for customers to rent their flying taxis. The idea is to work together to provide both ground and air transport services to the customers of both services.

“We are delighted that their transformative mobility solution is available to millions of customers who trust our platform.”said Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Uber in a statement about the agreement with Joby.

Image: Joby Aviation

Joby Aviation is a California based company developing its own VTOL taxis (personal aircraft). The company currently has a fully electric aircraft with a capacity for four passengers and the pilot. It can cover around 240 kilometers at a speed of more than 300 km / h. They estimate that they will be ready to go with the first VTOLs flying by 2023.

Earlier this week Uber sold its autonomous vehicle business to Aurora Innovation Inc. for $ 4 billion Under the agreement, Uber will make a $ 400 million cash investment in the company, which will control 26% of the company’s shares.

Both transactions are a relief to Uber, as both the autonomous auto and flying taxi divisions have required a lot of investment in recent years and would mean more capital flight before profits are made.

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