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U.S. Pundi X traders can now sell crypto through PayPal

July 1, 2020

Pundi X., a blockchain company based in Singapore, has integrated PayPal support for the “Xpos” point-of-sale device.

PayPal is the first mobile payment gateway to be integrated into Xposand users in more than 30 countries can now accept money through the payment processor.

The integration takes place in two steps. US-based merchants using Xpos can request major PayPay-based transactions starting July 1st.

U.S. Pundi X traders can now sell crypto through PayPal
U.S. Pundi X traders can now sell crypto through PayPal

A PayPal app is expected to be integrated on all Xpos devices within two weeksDeployment Completed.

70% of Xpos users asked for PayPal support

Pundi X decided to start the integration after running a Twitter poll asking followers which mobile payment app to support Xpos first.

PayPal received almost 70% of the voteamong other things against WeChat Pay, Alipay and GoPay.

The integration brings credit card payments into the Pundi X POS system It enables the purchase of cryptocurrencies via PayPal to the Xpos traders who support this.

Pundi X CEO and co-founder Zac Cheah stressed that integrations with Large global companies like PayPal will help drive acceptance of blockchain-based products and services outside the cryptocurrency community::

“The ability to support a leading online payment provider on our XPOS devices can give people more confidence in its use and bring blockchain technology into the mainstream.”

Now PayPal “loves” cryptocurrencies …

After avoiding cryptocurrencies for a decade, Recent job openings for blockchain engineers responsible for “new initiatives” at PayPal Global seem to support rumors that it will soon offer cryptocurrency sales to its users.

PayPal payments are only supported by a handful of crypto exchangeslike the peer-to-peer markets Localbitcoins and Paxful.

Last week, KuCoin’s Piat Fiat Market was the last P2P platform to support PayPal.;; The payment gateway was introduced with the support of the USD.

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