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Tzotzil designer shines New York

February 5, 2020

2 min read

Alberto López , a Tzotzil native from Aldama, Chiapas managed to present in New York his hand-made textiles by a group of women within the community. His work was exhibited at the American Indian Fashion Through the Feathers 2020 which was held on Sunday, February 2 at the Sataten Island pier.

The 31-year-old was invited to the United States by Harvard University in Boston where he had the opportunity to lecture before traveling to New York.

Tzotzil designer shines New YorkTzotzil designer shines New York

Hand-made textiles highlight the art of the waist loom, a task considered exclusive for women. For this reason Lopez faced criticism and gender stereotypes, but with the support of his mother he learned the work in secret.

The Tzotzil designer told the media that he will visit the headquarters of the United Nations Organization (UN) , and will also have his own parade on February 7 in Manhattan.

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