Two thirds of users support the taxation of crypto assets

A recent survey by the South Korean wallet provider Childly found this 66% of those questioned are in favor of taxing crypto assets.

The survey of over 5,750 cryptocurrency users worldwide found this Only every fifth user of cryptocurrencies is against the levying of taxes on digital assets.

The cryptocurrency community faces taxes

48% of respondents agreed that cryptocurrencies should be taxable; They described taxes on digital assets as “a must”. However, 18% of participants were in favor of crypto taxes if they are set up “at an acceptable level”..

Two thirds of users support the taxation of crypto assets
Two thirds of users support the taxation of crypto assets

20% of cryptocurrency users surveyed disagree with the current taxation of cryptocurrencies, and 9% say that it is “too early” and that more time is required to examine the corresponding commitments for the sector. Expressed 11% a strong disagreement with taxation in general that a “whole new approach” to digital assets is needed.

“Although many countries have already started to tax digital assets, the voices of those who call for a more prudent approach to taxation should be heard at all levels,” said Eunti Kim, CEO of Childly.

14% of those questioned stated that “really They have no opinion “on taxing cryptocurrencies.

Despite acceptance, many cryptocurrency users owe taxes

At the end of March, the crox currency accounting platform Blox and the tax software provider Sovos published the results of a survey in which a third of the well-known US-based auditors who worked in various functions with cryptocurrencies took part. .

The report highlights key issues related to crypto fiscalization from a tax professional perspective 90% of auditors identify missing customer data as one of their biggest challenges, and less than 50% of tax customers have access to their full crypto transaction history.

Instead, just 55% of cryptocurrency accountants said government regulation was their main obstacle.

The survey also found that More than half of the auditors believe that their crypto customers have to pay back taxes.

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